Printer Repair
Fast printer repair service by local certified technicians at affordable rates.
JAY-RAJ Infosys is the #1 printer repair provider ofThermal Printers, Label Printers, Barcode Printers, Line Printers, Dot-Matrix Printers, Laser Printers and HP DesignJet plotters.

We undertake Annual maintenance contract for your computers. We have blended our qualitative service with the latest technology to offer our customers a competitive edge. We can assemble the whole system according to the configuration given us. We believe in customer satisfaction and it is our goal to see that you are completely satisfied with our services. We take pride in our work and we want our customers to stay with us.
So come on buy, and let us know how we can help you with your computer needs.
We offer range of computer AMC services that includes :-

  • • Assembling and up gradation the PC’s.
  • • Troubleshooting .
  • • Hard disk Data Recovery.
  • • Printer and Monitor maintenance, repairing and servicing.
  • • Network services .
  • • Internet Services .
  • • Protecting the system from virus, spyware, trozen etc.

We provide specialized repair solution in every brand of laptop whether its Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell, Compaq, HP,Accer etc. We try to give our clients a cost effective solution. We provide our services to domestic households, small business and corporate as well as throughout Delhi and NCR, We are pleased to offer a free collection and delivery services for all workshop repairs.

Get Computer on hire for your office or home with latest configuration. Computers are available on daily, weekly or monthly rental basis. You do not have to worry about maintenance services to all our rented computers. Doorstep delivery and pick-up services of rented computers are available.
We offer range of computer AMC services that includes :-

  • • Set up IT Infrastructure in limited financial resources. The most obvious advantage to Rental is reduced upfront costs Instead of laying out thousands of rupees in equipment costs all at once, you can spread your payments over a planned monthly schedule.
  • • More working capital allows you to respond to opportunities and challenges whenever they arise. Rental does not usually require a down payment, making initial costs even lower.
  • • It may be easier to get rental than a loan, especially if you are launching a new business. Before lending money, banks often want to see several years of financial records.
  • • No maintenance charges.
  • • Broad range of flexible options to acquire computer and peripheral equipment.
  • • Available on short-term rentals & long-term rentals.
  • • On-site installation services

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Custom Home and Small Business Desktop Computers for your Home, Home Office, or Small Office Computing Tasks. Our Custom Home and Small Business Desktop line ranges from entry-level value series PCs to high-end digital content creation and gaming rigs. Our low-cost entry level desktops are perfect for all of your everyday Internet & Office tasks and will help you improve your personal productivity. Our mid-range solutions, are our performance desktop models and have been designed to allow you to find new ways to have fun with your games, music, videos, TV, and other digital media. Our powerhouse desktops feature the most powerful and most cutting-edge technologies found in home desktops.

Want to get all your PC's talking to each other? Tired of the downtime related to non-networked PC? Just ready to move to the 21st century! Well we have the Wireless Network solution for you here at On-Site PC Services! Whether it be installing Ethernet cable for your small office or setting up a wireless network in your home, we have the answer. Let one of our technicians sit down with you to determine the most sensible networking solution!
Some of the Network services we provide:-

  • • Home or Small Office Ethernet Cat5 cabling.
  • • Installing and configuring wireless networks.
  • • Wireless Print server setups (Windows NT 4.0, 2000, 2003).
  • • Network Printer installation.
  • • Switch & Router Configuration.
  • • Wireless Network Troubleshooting.
  • • Wireless Access Point Install.

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There is nothing more upsetting for a PC user than when there is a problem with their machine. This upset can turn quickly to frustration when the problem seems to be impossible to solve, or even to understand. Every PC user has experienced these feelings.
We here at Infotectics, have done a lot of work diagnosing and correcting problems with a wide variety of PCs develop a knack for recognizing problem situations that they have seen before. We also learn (and invent) techniques that make it possible for us to get to the root of a problem quickly and fix it.

Our highly experienced professional team can recover data adhering to leading industry standards from a large quantity of hard drives within a short duration of time. Our best practices give you optimum results increasing your return on investment and making your operations more cost effective.
The data is extracted, cleaned, loaded and verified using state-of-the-art technologies providing you with a flexible and a cost optimized plan for any size of hard drive recovery project.

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No Power System Hang.
No Booting. Improper Shutdown.
Delayed Booting. Automatic Restart.
No display. Overheat and Shutdown Problem.
No Battery Power. Dead Battery.
Multiple Display. Faulty Adapter.
Faint or Blur Display. Repairing / Replacement of Keyboard.
No Start up. LCD Replacement.
Start up and immediate shutdown. Cracked LCD.
Red/Green or coloured Display. Keypad or Touch pad problem.
White Display with no picture. DVD writer Repairing / Replacement.
Spotted Display. USB Problem
Display Flickering. Broken Hinge Repair/Replacement.
Horizontal or Vertical Patch. etc...

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We deal with Sale and Purchase of Old or New Computers. We have a huge stock of various models of computers which are sourced from renowned manufacturers and are superior in quality. The old computers that we offer are tested and repaired at our in house unit using quality parts so that flawless range is offered to our clients. Moreover, these computers are highly affordable than those floating in the open market.
We are one of the leading traders and suppliers of superior quality Old Computer. Additionally, we purchase old computers form reliable sources and test and repair at our in-house testing and further flawlessly delivered to our clients. In order to ensure high quality and genuineness, we assemble the best parts of computers. As per the requirements of clients, we make necessary changes in the computer system in order to fulfil their specific needs. Our offered computers are available in various models and configurations at economical prices.

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